Buying a used car online

Buying a used car online can be a daunting task, but don’t panic it can be just as easy as walking into a showroom and picking the car you want nowadays, if not easier!


Is buying a used car online safe?

People worry that buying a used car online isn’t safe, but the whole process is perfectly safe, you will be covered by a 14-day cooling-off period that allows you to take delivery of the car, test drive it, use it and make sure that you are happy with it before you agree to keep it.

There are many online buying car sites to choose from, so do your research and read reviews to make sure you are comfortable with the company and salesperson you go with. Ask for a full vehicle history report, you can always have the car independently inspected of course so you are happy with what you are being told by someone independent that you can trust and that you know is not just trying to sell you a car.

Make sure you are happy….

Before you agree to the used car deal you have been offered make sure you are happy with it, there is nothing wrong with going away and thinking about it and then even walking away from the deal if you are not happy.

Just because you are buying a used car online doesn’t mean you don’t get all the same perks you would if you were buying in person from a dealership., in fact, we think you will probably get more.